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Tuesday, August 12, 2014
 It has been awhile since I last went for a facial. I put on makeup almost every other day but I rarely care for my skin - Which is bad, I know. Most of the time I use facial wipes (That are awesome btw, it removes even my waterproof makeup but more on that another time) to wipe of my makeup and call it a day. It's convenient, but it's definetely not something I should do in the long run. So, I decided to take a little time out to make my way down to GLOMAX Aesthetics.

GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is nestled six floors above Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay next to The Central. They are everything a minimalist soho spa stands for: expertise, customization, modernity and privacy. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best.​ ​ At GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry, expect a superlative collection of ultimate face and body treatments boosted with award-winning aesthetics machines and celebrity skincare products. Their treatments are specially crafted for instantaneous results and meticulously executed by a team of highly-trained beauty masters.

It took me awhile to find the place, but I finally arrived at GLOMAX Aesthetics.
I was pleasantly greeted to an office like setting when I stepped in.
I was then told to fill up a form and asked what my concerns were.
My main concerns were my blackheads and uneven skin tone.

I was recommended to do the Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial to Stimulate radiance into over-worked and clogged skins. 

Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial is the ultimate skin purification. This diamond microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin. Designed with a cocktail* of vitamins to refresh the appearance of the skin by aligning skin cells in the top layer of the skin to achieve clean and radiant glow. Expect brighter under-eyes and skin tone.

Benefits: Immediate radiant skin from under-eyes to entire face 
& is suitable for ALL skin types.
This is my face with ZERO make up. As you can see my eyebags are terrible and the colour of my skin is pretty uneven. 
(Eyelash extensions by Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist)
Right after the facial. 
I felt that my skin instantly felt alot smoother although the colour changes were subtle 
but I was assured that if I head down a couple more times I would be able to see a huge difference. 


Quote "Angeline" when making appointment and enjoy Full 60 MINS Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial @ $88 (UP$198).

GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry 
Soho 2 (Next to Swissotel Merchant Court)
12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-168 
Singapore 059819

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