Cyberbullying: Impersonation, Harrasment & Stalking.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
For the past couple of years, I have been a victim of cyber-bullying. I've never really addressed this on a public platform as it was never anything serious. Occasionally, I'd post on facebook stating that I've been impersonated on dating websites, such as Tagged & Skout, to let my friends be aware that those people are NOT me. It has never really bothered me much, until now.

How do you know when it gets too far 
& what would you do?

Here's my story and why I finally decided to make a police report about it.

Awhile ago, my husband and I were both tagged in a couple of pictures on instagram claiming that they're screenshots of me speaking to this person. Let's call him/her Person X.


These are only some of the screenshots Person X posted. 
(*Please note that the person in the chat is NOT me. I do NOT have this app. 
According to J, this app is Skout. I do NOT have Skout.)

Person X first tagged me and my husband in an instagram account. Both of us decided to block him/her as we found it ridiculous and didn't put much thought into it. Person X became enraged and created another instagram account tagging us again "confirming" that it was me as he/she claims that I blocked him/her as I was afraid my husband would find out. Person X also stated that I did something wrong to him/her thus this is him/her revenge. (Errrrr... Ok. Nice try, LOL)

I am extremely thankful that J knew it wasn't me and couldn't even be bothered to give two hoots about it at the start. Though I won't deny that I was slightly upset that anyone would try to deliberately hurt me. Or anyone else, as a matter of fact. 

  1.  Why would I create an account on a dating app when I'm already married with a little baby girl.
  2.  Who do you think you are that I would want to sleep with you? Or even, dirty talk with you?
  3. I do not live in AMK.
  4.  I have never been to Icon. 
  5. I'm friends with ALL my exes/dates. 
  6. Why would I use my old photo if I wanted to look for guys?
  7. Why would I even use my own photo if I wanted to cheat?

Apparently, Person X also has pictures of me that I've never sent to anyone else other than in a group chat consisting of a group of personal friends. And he/she knowns my in-laws address as well. 

Once I knew he/she had my in-laws address, I decided to head straight for the police.
You can impersonate me for all I care, but giving out my address on a public platform to strangers is not something I can tolerate. Especially since I already know Person X is out to harm me. What if one day I were to be around the area with my baby and he or she tries to hurt me? 

J also noticed someone loitering around our void deck on night when I was home late - On the night that the person claimed to be meeting me.  (This really creeped me out.)


Prior to this, I'm aware that my photo and name has been used on several dating sites. This person/people also uses them to dirty talk with my personal friends. Of course, most of them came to me to let me know about it and they too, know it isn't me.

I've had people creating fake accounts on fb and talking to my friends trying to dish out personal information about me as well. Thankfully, most of my friends aren't that stupid. Except maybe... 1 or 2 but they've sinced realized it was a stupid thing to do. (LOL. Sorry guys, but srsly...)

There has also been fake accounts of me on Line & WeChat tryna talk to my friends, and probably many others that I still don't know about.

However, I'd like to hear what YOU would do if you were in my shoes?
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I do NOT use Line, Skout, Tagged, Wechat, Paktor, etc.
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fishaberry said...

Hi dear,

So that imposter is most likely a friend that hates you secretly? :(
Please be aware of each and everyone in that group chat!

Something a little similar happened to me a few years ago. I got into a new relationship, and apparently one of my "friend" (who knows my new bf too) wasn't happy about it. He/she created an anonymous FB account to comment nasty stuffs on FB about us and to chat with my ex-BF, saying lots of stuffs which are untrue. This person too, has photos of us (me and new BF) that are shared privately in a FB group.

I was affected very badly by it, and I wasn't able to find out who that person is until now. I ended up staying away from that group of friends to prevent getting hurt again. (I heard that a few supposedly good friends in that group were gossiping about us when the anonymous person striked, that's why I feel that it is not worthly to risk being close with that group of people at all.)

Just sharing my experience, but of course you might have real good friends in that group unlike my case. Just be wary yeah?

Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Whoaaaa damn yzz that person is damn scary, haven't read your blog for 3 years plus already. Mr Pau here