Le Spa Review

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Le Spa | A Sanctuary To Derive Joy

Quietly snugged in a peaceful corner of the vibrant club street, an urban escapade unfolds for your dormant soul.

Le Spa combines traditional oriental therapies & modern technologies with a new perspective; – Surely Satisfied and Rejuvenated

More importantly, they don’t advocate pressure-selling of exuberant packages, ensuring every visit with them is a truly enchanting and worthwhile experience. When you instinctively seek a moment of peace to rejuvenate…, they are here to heal and enliven your mind, body and spirit.  New era of society incites a new transformation of how the mundane life can be revitalized through the form of massage. Le Spa provides the avenue of releasing stress and bringing joy with its wide range of in-house therapies and massages which transcend more than just mundane at competitive prices!
Made an appointment to head down together with Tricia. We booked a couple room so we could enjoy our massage together.
The walkway into one of their many rooms.
Blurry picture of me in our couple massage room 

I chose to do the 90 mins Le Urban Fusion (LUF) massage and boy was it good. 
Felt extremely refreshed after the massage. It was soooo comfortable I was actually pretty upset that it ended. Ha ha.
Messy cloths after our massage 
Pictures are blurry because it was taken in low lighting - The room was pretty dark to ensure 100% rejuvenation!
For night owls, you'd be elated to know that Le Spa is opened 24hours!!!
You can now enjoy a good massage even in the wee hours of the night!

Le spa 
14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253

Tel: +65 6222 6803
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