Mitju Tick Tack Shoes

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mitju, a fashion savvy footwear brand in Singapore, launches it's latest collection of Japanese inspired footwear named “Tick Tack Shoe”, showcasing a collection of exciting and interactive footwear that will reinforce Mitju as a brand that is fun and creative, catering to chic, trendsetting women with individual style and personality.

The new range of ladies footwear is centered around 3 basic shoe fabrics & shoe shapes with an array of over 60 colourful shoe accessories that enables anyone from young to old - to assemble and customize one’s desired masterpiece footwear that best fits her individual personality & style. Each shoe is made up of two pieces — the basic shoe that comes in 3 types of fabric, namely Patent, Leatherette and Synthetic suede on the upper and an array of detachable shoe accessories that allows one to “tack” on firmly & easily. That explains the name, "Tick Tack Shoe".

To be honest when I was having doubts if I should head down to check it out or not when I first received the invitation. I've never been a fan of Mitju but I was in for a surprise that day! I was truly amazed when I stepped in and saw the new range of shoes they had. There were so many different textures and colours to choose from, I was spoilt for choice. I spent about 2 hours walking around the store again and again before making my decision.
We were given this form to pick our shoes! What a cute idea! :P

There are only 3 simple steps to customizing your very own Mitju shoe:

1. Tick! your shoe
Fabric, Colour & Size.

2. Tack! on your pretty accessories.
Choose from 60 over accessories.

3. SHOE on
& walk out with your personalized shoes.

Simple, isn't it?
Sara Lim, Shanice Lim, Angeline Yeh
Sara Lim, Shanice Lim, Angeline Yeh
I looked really haggard in all the pictures that day as I headed down straight after an entire day's of work & was feelin' really really tired...
Check out my spasm hand, hahaha.
Can you guess which shoes & accessories I picked? 
Shanice Lim & Angeline Yeh

The Mitju Tick Tack Shoes are priced affordably at $26.90.
While accessories range from $6.90 - $14.90.

The new range of MITJU Tick Tack shoes will be available at:

MITJU ION Orchard 


 MITJU Plaza Singapura

in Singapore from 25th July 2014.

Customers can also choose to purchase online @ (Only up in late August)
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