SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
I absolutely HATE waking up in the mornings and find it extremely tough to pay attention during work. Especially since I stay up really late at night.

If you're like me... I've found the solution for you!

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy is what you NEED!

Simply pump 5-10 shots into different parts of your scalp and VIOLA!
Instantly, you'd feel refreshed!!! 
No. 1 selling product in Japan 
1 sold in every 3 minutes 
-Relieve Stress
-Cooling Sensation
-Blood Circulation
-Promotes Hair Growth
-Prevents Scalp Aging
-Eases Headache & Migraine
-Eliminates Dandruff
-Aids Mental Focus
-Achieves PH Balance
-Controls Oily & Itchy Scalp

AND is suitable for all hair types especially for individuals with hair loss, sensitive & itchy scalp problems

How to use: Pump 5 to 10 shots into different parts of your scalp then massage it. Recommended for use twice a day after washing your hair. Specially good for individuals with hair and scalp problems.

SaraShantelle's No.1 Head CPR is retailing at: $79(SGD)
Click here to purchase now!

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