Weekend in Malacca (Day 1)

Monday, August 25, 2014
Road trip down to Melaka over the weekend with Julie's/Perfect food manufacturing. 
Visted their factory in Melaka, Alor Gajah. - (More on that in another post)

Finally settled for dinner at a Peranakan restaurant. It's supposedly one of the best around! I remember being there a couple of years back during a tour as well.
Couldn't eat this as I don't take spicy stuff but it sure looks good!
Looks really unappealing here but this was my fav, hehe! 
Chendol! Nomz.

Over to Jonker street to check out the night market. Though I've been there before, it's still pretty exciting to see all the road stalls and...
 all the erm... FUNNY stuff they sell. HAHAHA.

 Back to our apartment after and oh my, we were all really pleased with the house.
(Pic from: http://sunflowerhouse.com.my/)

Four of us shared a house, and there was a room for each of us! 
Didn't wna sleep alone so guess who I bunked in with?
Before washing up. I was so exhausted, since I only slept at 5AM and woke up at 6AM that day. 
Totally concussed on the bed after chit chatting with Clarabel.

I know this is a really short and boring post, but please bear with me. I promise better things are coming up, so watch this space! x 
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