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Sunday, September 28, 2014
  O Medical Clinic

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At ONLY Aesthetics, they believe in focusing on you. To sculpt and achieve the skin and body you truly desire.
Say goodbye to tedious beauty regimes and practices!
 The O Medical Clinic is a flagship aesthetic clinic that offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments and in the Asia Pacific.
They bring you faster, affordable and quality aesthetic treatments to empower you with beauty at your fingertips.


Before we started, one of the consultants would assess our skin to see what we wanted to achieve and what our concerns with our face/body were.

After telling her my main concerns about my face - (Blackheads, Visible pores, Uneven skin tone) I was adviced to do the Carbonado Skin Laser Treatment.
The Carbonado Skin Laser Treatment is a luxurious treatment to achieve a long lasting radiant complexion using advanced laser facial performed by Doctors only. It balances out your skin tone, leaving it flawless and glowy. This treatment is most suited for people seeking for a longer lasting solution for dull, uneven and fatigue skin. Works great for age spot, freckles and pigmentation. It is safe, comfortable and there is literally no downtime after treatment.

Quickly changed into my robe as I couldn't wait to get started - My journey to flawless, glowing skin (without makeup)!
I was asked if I wanted to have my eye makeup removed or not. Didn't want to remove & redo it again later so my therapist only removed my face makeup.
After applying the carbon mask, it was time to start on my laser treatment! 
*Please take note!*
Slight pain would be experienced due to heat from laser penetrating into skin layers

Unlike most laser treatments, there is no need for numbing cream for this as it is really mild (In order not to destroy your skin.)
The level of pain will depend & adjusted on how much you can take.
I took the lowest of the lowest - I was told no one else has ever gone as low as I did. LOL
My pain tolerance for my face is close to ZERO. Meh.

After the laser treatment, a mask was applied onto my face. 
Developed for post-laser application, the ONLY Mask repairs skin healing from Post Laser Treatment. It is oil free, non-sticky and ideal for sensitive skin. (Fyi, if you don't already know I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin) Clinically formulated to enhance the results after Laser treatments. A quick 20 minutes, oil free application designed to repair and hydrate without clogging pores. Soothes and brightens the skin with an instant facelift effect. 

The ONLY Mask is Made in Spain by MCCM exclusively for ONLY. 
The mask is available at O Medical Clinic and ONLY Aesthetics outlet.



If you follow me on ig (@xoangeline), you'd probably already have seen me post this.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu! 

No Monday blues fo' me cos I woke up to crystal clear skin thanks to the Carbonado Skin Laser Treatment I did at @onlyaestheticssg! 

Only did 1 session & I can really feel the difference! I love how my makeup literally glides onto my face now & my pores definetely don't look as humongous as they did before 

Can't wait to go back for my other treatments this comin' week 

Quote "DONT SAY ANGELINE BO JIO" to find out the various promotions available!"


Unlike many other clinics, you're advised not to put on makeup after treatments & some even makes your skin have red patches. I was pleasantly surprised when I sat up to look at the mirror - There was such a huge difference & NO RED PATCHES AT ALL. Plus, you can still put on makeup right after their treatments. Worry no more about having to head out without makeup! Yay!

For promotions, call or visit ONLY Aesthetic outlets:

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22 Malacca Street
RB Capital

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Dhoby Ghaut
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 Holland Village
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Tel:6314 4434

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