Black & White: The Dawn Of Justice Gala Premiere

Thursday, October 9, 2014
As some of you may know, the premiere of the movie Black and White: The Dawn of Justice happened on Wednesday 1st October 2014 at Vivocity Golden Village. 
Black & White: The Dawn Of Justice is the sequel to Black and White: The Dawn of Assault.
The synopsis of the movie can be found here if you require additional information!
The premiere started out pretty well actually. There were many who turned up, including local celebrities like Zheng Ge Ping and his wife (I forgot her name) . However what really surprised us was that the director of the show together with one of the two main actors came down to have a short Q&A session before the show started as well as to give us a sneak preview of what kind of a show we were going to expect. It was quite a LOL moment because if you think about it, did we really need a sneak preview of the show just before the premiere? Well it baffles me too. Of course, what is a mini Q&A session without the screaming, overzealous fans of the actors.

 Anyway, carrying on, the show started with the premonition that the show was going to be 2 hours long quite a few from the crowd started to leave their seats in a flurry to rush to the restroom to squeeze out those few drips, so they could last awhile longer in the cinema. – Yours Truly however stayed strong and shrugged off the Kiasu-ness. 

 The movie opened with a car scene that reminded me of Fast and Furious. Car chases with fancy manoeuvres and explosions. EXCITING. This really set the tone for the movie and managed to grab my attention.

 In my honest opinion, the movie was overall quite enjoyable. To keep this short and simple (and trying my best not to give spoilers), this review will be broken down into 2 parts. Things I like, and things I didn’t really like. :)

 I believe it’s better to receive bad news before the good news so I can sob now and rejoice later (and longer.) So here’s the things I didn’t really like, first.

 So you guys already know, this movie was a sequel and obviously had connections to the first movie. As someone who didn’t watch the first movie, I was a bit lost during some of the parts when they featured characters that were in the first movie such as Xu Da-Fu (Huang Bo) who was supposed to have faked his death in the first movie and other random characters. (But of course if you have watched the first movie then this would not have applied to you!)

 Also, some of the movie scenes were kinda corny. (I didn’t like the female assassin that looked like a porn star with her leather get-up!! *SUPER CLICHED)

 What I was most disappointed with was the CGI and graphics because as an avid movie-goer and one used to Hollywood productions, the CGI didn’t look realistic enough. And I couldn’t focus on the drama on screen because I (I’m sorry) was nit-picking on the CGI faults. (eg, the plane crash didn’t look too real, neither did some of the explosions. Boooo)

 HOWEVER, (Here is the silver lining!) I have to commend the actors especially the main 3, Lan Xi-Yin (Ning Chang), Wu Ying-Xiong (Mark Chao) and Chen Zhen (Lin Gengxin). The movie had comical, serious and moving scenes that were well acted out by these talented individuals. (Especially Ning Chang in her very moving display of emotions in her roll as Lan Xi-Yin)

 The main actor (Mark Chao) was kinda like a Chinese version of James Bond. Not so much with suave but kinda cute, able to act and think fast on his feet, plus always manages to get out of harms way (almost) unscathed.

 Also, there was a mix of action and comedy with jokes in mandarin, which I understood! (*Cue to clap) The storyline was interesting but just a little bit draggy (Which I accredit to the many long fight scenes of guys punching each other) 

All in all, I would recommend that y’all catch it if you guys like police shows with lots of physical combat and explosions! 

 Rated: 5.5/10

Guest post by: Alicia Tiang & Aaron Yeh


A big thank you to Clover Films Singapore for the tickets to the gala premiere! :)
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