Cuddles Cat Cafe

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Reportedly the largest at 2,500 sq feet, Cuddles Cat Cafe, is the newest kid on the block to join the increasingly crowded scene. 

Though I'm not a huge fan of cats, I have to admit, it was such an eye opener. I had a really fun time interacting & cuddling the cats. However, I felt that they had way too little cats for such a huge space. What a waste! :( 

While I was there, there were approx 5 people or more to a cat and the rest were just lounging around which I felt was pointless as the whole idea to go to a cat cafe is to interact with em', no?

*! Just read an article saying that they wanted to increase the amount of cats but AVA only allows 20 cats to reside in it's premises. - Hopefully, AVA will approve of their proposal to house more cats and I'll get the chance to play with more kitties too! Tee hee.
You can also choose to feed the cats by gettin' food from them for only $3 & $5 depending on how many grams on cat food you'd like! Super cutesy! 
If you follow me on instagram (@xoangeline) you'd have seen that I posted a pic of this cutiepie - She is so tame & adorable?!?!?!? *Melts* 

Cuddles Cat Cafe
2 Orchard Link

Tel: 69880089

Opening hours:

Cuddle Fees: 1st Hour, $12
Every subsequent 15 mins, $3

Have fun cuddlin' the kittykatz! x
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