Mama & Bb Day Out With Public Transport Ver. 1

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Been awhile since I've done a proper post on my daily life. I apologize for the spam of reviews & advertorials recently but I just have waaaay too much backdated posts so please bear with me for the next couple of weeks :(

Decided to do a more personal post today.


Took Little A out afew weekends back and decided to rely solely on public transport with the stroller. Usually I'd take her out in a carrier but she's getting waaay too heavy for that. My backaches when I carry her nowadays.

Initially I wanted to take the bus but I found out there was this S*UPID rule that you'd have to fold your pram when you get up the bus?! I was absolutely dumbfounded when I heard about it.

I am currently using the Quinny Buzz (picture below), which seat CANNOT BE FOLDED.
Other than that, even IF my stroller could be folded, 
what if my baby is sleeping? 
Should I take her out of the stroller and fold up my stroller 
while carrying her 
and the stroller 
and my diaper bag?

I find it absolutely ridiculous! 
You don't ask a person in a wheelchair to fold their chairs up when they board the bus, no? 

I know I shouldn't be comparing it that way but I feel really frustrated when I think about it.
We ended up having to take a cab to the mrt station to take the mrt. 
I really hope they do something about that stupid rule 
& I'm pretty sure most mums would agree with me. 
Show of hands, who's with me? 
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Taking the mrt was a breeze though. Many people were kind enough to help holding the lift waiting for me to enter & exit. And the signs in the stations were pretty clear. Considering to take the mrt more often because baby loves it as well! Was so happy she was so chirpy throughout the journey and I recieved many comments that I have a really friendly baby! :)
Happy baby, 
happy mummy 
I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH! AHA. Too bad it's blur :( 

All in all, I really enjoyed taking public transport with Little A.
Eyes are shuttin' now & it's time for baby's milk feed.

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