Paint Me Real | Christmas & Valentine Ideas For Him And Her

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
PAINT ME REAL | Christmas & Valentines Idea For Him And Her
Painting people real since 1987

Personalized High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits


My painting arrived at my doorstep & boy, am I surprised by how realistic it looks!
All the strokes are so precise, I absolutely amazed & in awe.
Also posted this on instagram (@xoangeline)

Mine was the personal (baby) portrait. However, you can choose to do couple and/or family portraits as well.
Here are some of the portraits I got off their website -
 Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas potraits that is trusted by Global Standards. They paint individual, family, wedding, sibling, best friends, couple, graduation portraits, etc.



International shipping takes approx 2-4weeks for the painting to arrive at your doorstep.

It is such a creative & romantic personalized gift for your loved ones!
I, personally would be really touched if anyone personalizes a painting for me *Hint hint*


Now, let me take you through the simple ordering process!
All you have to do is follow these simple steps!

Upload picture & choose no. of person(s) in the photo
I chose to upload a photo of Little A, & selected (1) Personal Portrait
*Please note that you can only paint up to 4 faces, directly from the website. If you would like to paint more faces, please email:

Choose canvas size & Add-Ons
You can choose from different various sizes, namely; A0, A1, A2, A3 & A4

I chose to have Little A's painting done in A3 size.

*Apparently, the prices on the screen changes according to how many person's faces there are in the photo, hence, please select the [No. Of Person(s)] carefully in STEP 1.

Shipping & billing information
Fill in your shipping/billing address 
- You can send it directly to the person you're gna give it to if you want. 
All you have to do is to select the "Send as a gift option"!

I chose "Registered Shipping" so that I could track my painting. I highly recommend that everyone chooses "Registered Shipping" as well so you'd know where your painting is at, at all times & to be sure that it wouldn't go missing. 

Also, do remember to key in promo code "XMAS2014" for a 10% discount!

If you'd like to have your portrait or get it as gifts just in time for Christmas, wait no more! Order it now, via PayPal, select "Send As A Gift" to write a note/love message to your special someone. 

Surprise your loved ones now with
Key in: XMAS2014 for a 10% discount off ALL PAINTINGS!

*Please remember to read all terms & conditions and shipping details
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