The Face Shop | Raspberry Roots X 1st Million Special Anniversary

Monday, October 27, 2014
1st Million Special Anniversary

The Face Shop celebrated their 1st Million Special anniversary last month at 1-Altitude, located just beside Raffles Place mrt. 
I've only been to 1-Altitude at night before and it was the first time I was there in the day. The place is just as gorgeous in the day, as it is at night. 

Check out the view from Level 61 (During the day)!
Pretty, isn't it?  
Checkin' our their Raspberry Roots range which consists of their sleeping mask & eye gel which I find extremely useful especially for people who work or get home late on a day-to-day basis. Will post a review on the items up really soon so stay tuned *wink*
Fenny Yolanda & Sheron Lee

We were served everything in Raspberry flavours! From the drinks to the ice cream & finger food!
Totally missin' the raspberry ice cream! Psst... all of us had 2-3 cups of it *Runs & hides*
Fenny Yolanda, Angeline Yeh, Sara Shatelle Lim
The view at Altimate during the night is way too majestic. These pictures are nothing like the view in real life. I wish I'd brought my dslr along so I could take better pictures. 

1 Raffles Place (Former UOB Center)
Singapore 048616

The Face Shop

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