A Walk In The Park With Little A

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Took Little A out for a walk in the park last weekend. 
Weekends are the only time I get to spend with her entirely as our work timings are really irregular. She's usually still sleeping when I leave house & when I'm home it's time for me to pat her to bed.
She was so happy squealing away, laughing and pointing at everything in amazement.
It was actually her nap time, but she was fighting to stay awake. I'm so glad she enjoyed herself. 
 We were in matchy outfits, sadly, I didn't manage to get a picture of both of us :(
Went to GRUB fo' dinner - Our 2nd time here. 
 Excited Little Aaryanna playin' with the menu. She's becoming so mischievious now!
I prefer these kinds of flowers over roses any day
Potato Soup - LOVED THIS. 
Maybe I'm just bias cos I love potatoes, hehe
 Chicken burger? Can't rmb what this is called. Whoopsie.
GRUB Cheeseburger
The view at 8PM - Looks so much prettier in real life
My NX mini does no justice to it AT ALL.


Have so many upcoming plans fo' the next couple of months. 
Can't believe my baby girl is turning 1 soon. Time passes way too fast.

Never knew it was so stressful to plan a first year birthday party.
I know most people would say she won't even remember it, but I thought I should make it memorable since it's gonna be the very first birthday of her life.

Are you a mummy yourself? What are your thoughts?
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