Black Hair Salon Makeover & Relaunch Party

Thursday, November 20, 2014
(Aaryanna Ang, Angeline Yeh)
Mama & BB selfie on the way to Black Hair Salon's Makeover & Relaunch Party!
(William Tan, Angeline Yeh)
(Jaclyn Sim, Jac's friend (Can't rmb her name - Sorry!), Denise Song, Angeline Yeh)
(Deniece Johanis, Angeline Yeh)
(Angeline Yeh, Aaryanna Ang)
My birthday month, thus I was given a party hat to wear but gave it to Little A who later destroyed it :/
Yummy pocky cake made by Miss Goob! 
You can check out her instagram (@missgoob) for more of the cakes & cupcakes that she has done.
(Valentina Chua, Angeline Yeh)
CUTIEPIE VALENTINA - She is so funny!
(Valentina Chua, Angeline Yeh, Jaclyn Sim)
This was supposed to be a "funny face" photo! No idea why Jac looks so fierce here. Hahaha.
(Nicky, Angeline Yeh, Aaryanna Ang, Catherine)
They are part of the team who cares for my hair ! 
Once again, a big thank you to Black Hair Salon 
for the feast & gifts, 
and for always taking care of my hair making sure it is in tip top condition! 
Big big love from Aaryanna & I! 

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