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Saturday, November 22, 2014

SIFU is a Hong Kong-inspired dining room concept that features its very own style of Hong Kong-style ribs, traditional handmade pillow buns (餐包) as well as other Hong Kong favourite dishes. A place that appeals to customers from all walks of life and ages, its affordable pricing, cozy diner ambience and style of food has brought comfort to many a palate, and has endeared the brand to anyone looking for a good meal comprising familiar staple food dishes, at good prices. SIFU is the debut brand of The Food Theory Group, a company founded by F&B veteran Dellen Soh and the international arm of Minor Food Group Thailand.
SIFU debuts in Singapore’s Bugis Junction with inspiration from Hong Kong’s dining scene, to bring a reinvented take on the east-meets-west classic quick meals. Striving to challenge the boundaries of casual dining, this café-restaurant offers a modern and relaxing sit-down ambience suitable for dinner dates and group gatherings alike, complete with the delicious aromas of freshly-baked pillow buns from its in-house bunnery. From Hong Kong’s favourite beef stew and noodles dishes to all-day dim-sum items, SIFU brings customers a variety of comfort meals at affordable prices. 

SIFU, a reference to ‘master’ or ‘teacher’ in Cantonese, pays homage to a master with over thirty years of experience with its signature dishes. Led by a Hong Kong chef, its team of cooks put their unique touch on classic dishes by balancing original tastes with local palate preferences. The Signature Caramelised Roasted Ribs in special sauce is a bold interpretation served in single-rib portions, whilst the marinated pork chop is a spin-off from the quintessential Hong Kong and Macau pork-bun snack. Some menu highlights honed from traditional recipes include the Soup Noodles served in a hearty soup-base as well as the flavourful Beef Stew; and handmade soft pillow buns (香港式餐包) that one of the masters made during his first stint as an apprentice.

Handmade Char-Siew Pillow Bun (餐包)
The key to a pillowy soft bun lies in the technique of wrapping the filling. Individually handmade, each SIFU pillow bun is made using the same wrapping technique for a Xiao Long Bao to leave an air pocket cavity above the filling on its base, and giving the bun its soft bite.

These handmade buns come in four fillings, ranging from the traditional Hong Kong-style savoury Char Siew (Roasted Pork) and Hong Kong-style creamy Sweet Custard, to the creative Azuki (Japanese Red Bean) Custard and refreshing Yuzu Cheese. Customers can either choose to order the buns for dine-in with their meal or walk in for over the counter take-away. Each bun is retailed at $1.20 and a box of eight buns at $9.60.


Caramelised Roasted Ribs ($3.90 per rib)
A different take on Western-style ribs that one may be familiar with, the SIFU ribs boast a rich caramelised taste on first bite with a delicious, savoury ending on the palate. Served as a single rib with each order, customers can now enjoy ribs whilst still leaving room for the other dishes on the menu.

I love the Caramelised Roasted Ribs SO MUCH. The caramelised taste literally lingers in your mouth leaving you craving fo' more. Dayum. I wished they served this in bigger portions! *Drools*

Pulled Pork Ribs Chinese-style Slider ($4.80)
This side dish is a winner with a twist. Using Chinese Lotus Leaf Bun traditionally paired with fatty pork slices, SIFU replaces the fatty pork slices with its version of caramalised roasted pulled pork, and complements it with crunchy greens for a refreshing balance. This dish stands tall on its own, holding its weight against the usual Kong Bak Pau.

Signature Roasted Chicken Thigh and Shrimp Dumpling Soup Noodles ($10.80)
A truly comforting dish, the hearty rich soup is served with special beehoon

(a cross between vermicelli and local beehoon) that takes the place of typical egg noodles, to provide a springy and light bite. All these are topped with juicy fat shrimp dumplings, marinated and wrapped in-house by the chefs.


Pork Chop with Omelette Rice ($11.80) *We had it with noodles instead.
Possibly the most time-consuming dish to prepare on the SIFU menu, each piece of pork chop is painstakingly pounded by hand to tenderise the meat. This all-star dish deftly balances savoury with a hint of sweetness, with a runny egg atop rice to complete the dish.

Homemade Beef Stew Rice ($10.80)
One of SIFU’s top three dishes, this full-flavoured dish of beef, carrots and radish is served with rice (instead of the traditional noodles) so that the gravy envelopes the fluffy rice and quail egg well.  The beef is cooked for six hours to tenderise and absorb the flavours of the herbs and seasoning, leaving it fork-tender and delectable to the taste buds.

This is pretty good for those who like beef. Really strong-flavoured beef.


Milk Pudding ($5.80)
A popular dessert from Macau, this dessert is milky goodness in a jar! Creamy and smooth with fine “sawdust” (finely crushed biscuits) topping,  it is a fine ending to any meal.

THIS IS SO. DAMN. GOOD. Cannot stop raving about this!!!
Ever since I tried it I've been bugging everyone around me to go try it.
You guys MUST MUST MUST try this. 



SIFU Hong Kong Master Ribs
Bugis Junction 
200 Victoria Street

Tel: +65 6337 7613

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