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Monday, November 10, 2014
Posted this image on my Instagram (@xoangeline) almost a week ago stating that it would be the last picture of my flat face. 


Was so excited to be invited down to The Knightsbridge Clinic @ South Bridge Rd for a 3D Face Treatment.

The 3D Face Treatment consists of botox as well as fillers to enhance your features without changing how you look. What a brilliant idea! 

All you need is just 15 minutes to enhance your facial structures WITHOUT surgery!


First up, I did the Radiesse collagen-stimulating calcium hydroxyapatite fillers for my nose.

Radiesse fillers, when used in the hands of an experienced injector, gives the same visual results as a nosejob or chinjob done via surgery. It is a thick filler with great lifting power and stays exactly where it is injected, and is definitely not for new or novice aesthetic doctors. In the hands of an experienced injector, Radiesse fillers can help you avoid surgery, it's pain and downtime.

Radiesse lasts for 1 to 1.5 years before being metabolised by the body, and is a temporary filler. It stimulates collagen production of the tissues as well, besides being a volume filler.

I have a really flat nose as you can see in the picture below.
Before fillers
Had to leave the numbing cream on for approx 30 mins or so.
After fillers - Check out my higher nose bridge
It was still slightly swollen but I actually like it that way :/
Here's a before & after picture of my face with radiesse collagen-stimulating calcium hydroxyapatite fillers.
Notice the visibly higher nose bridge & sharper nose tip!
Yay to a more 3D nose! :D

Read more about fillers by The Knightsbridge Clinic here:

Apart from fillers, I did botox on my jaws & chin as well.
Dr Israr Wong used Dysport, a UK brand of Botulinium Toxin, to reduce my chewing muscles ( a.k.a square jaw).

Did you know that other than slimming, botox has many other uses as well?
Such as reducing the sweatiness of palms, minimizing pores & oiliness of your face.

Read more about Jaw Reduction/ Face Slimming here:
Right after my fillers & botox!
Nose is still slightly swollen here & according to Dr Israr Wong, I'd only be able to see the difference of my face from the botox within 2-4weeks. However, I've started to notice that my jaw is already visibly smaller than before.


For slightly older patients from 25 years old onwards, you may require extra fillers to replace the volume in the cheeks and to remove the lines under the eyes, on top of what I did.

You may read more about 3D Face Treatment at:


More pictures of my fillers & botox on the next day after my 3D Face Treatment: 
Check out my sharp nose! 
Pls ignore my dry skin - I forgot to put moisturizer the day before :(
Notice the slimmer jaw as well. Yay!
I can now take shoots without worrying if my face is gonna look flat from the side! Happy!
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For the month of November, 
The Knightsbridge Clinic is having a Special Holiday Season Promo:

Botox Jaw Reduction $500/session ( U.P $750)
Radiesse Fillers $600 / syringe (U.P $900)
Restylane Fillers $600 / syringe (U.P $800)
Thermage CPT Face $3000 (U.P $3888)
Thermage CPT Face and Neck $3800 (U.P $4588)

Patients can purchase more treatments in advance during this promo period 
however, promo treatments purchased are to be utilised within 6 months*

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