A Day Out To Town

Friday, December 12, 2014

Aaryanna woke up chirpy & happy, I think she knew that we were headin' out to get her toys that day!
I've always wondered if our babies can understand what we say? 
The necklace Little A is wearing is actually my birthday gift. It's a hellokitty locket from a close friend.
Good girl sittin' still in her stroller - The lift in Centrepoint is really tiny btw! Ugh.
Her cheeks are losin' their chubbiness because she is soooo active now :(
I miss her chubby wubby cheeks, boo hoo.
Dropped by The Better Toy Store and boy, that place is amazing.
But, more on that in another post & also a very exciting giveaway comin' up!

Saw many pretty flowers at the entrance of Centrepoint and decided to let Little A take a picture there but she was so uncooperative this was the best shot I could take :(
Looks kinda funny though.
No idea what she's tryna do here, ha ha.
The Christmas decorations in Orchard Rd are waaaay to pretty!
I love how Singapore decorates our town every year without fail.
Look kinda bloated & awkward here but it's one of the few pictures I took with her that day

Walked around & wanted to shop abit,
I initially had a 50% voucher fo' Fox Kids but I didn't take note of the expiry date
Only to realize that it expired 2 days ago when we reached the place but anw, the shop was closed when we reached.

Everytime I walk pass Fox and look at their clothes I think about how I couldn't gotten it 50% cheaper if only I had taken note of the expiry date and went down earlier
So frustrated with myself.)

Headed over to Changi airport after to send our relatives off and some of em' wanted to take pictures with the Mickey Mouse as well. Too bad I'm not a big fan of Mickey :/
Ended our day at Burger King 

It's the latest we've ever been out together, along with bb so far.
And I'm so glad she slept the moment we got home all the way up till afternoon the next day.
Speaking of which, it is 5AM now and I should head to bed.

Toodles, x
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