Aaryanna's 11 Months & 4 Days Update

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Bye Bye"



"Mum mum"




These are most of the words Aaryanna can say/mumble now.

Never have I ever imagined that I'd be so excited to hear all these words.
A pity I haven't been able to catch all of em' on camera yet as everytime I whip out my camera she just refuses to talk, but thankfully there're afew occasional spurs and I still manage to catch her saying a couple of stuff here & there.

These two videos were from a couple of months back when she first learned to say Mama.
Nowadays, she rarely says Mama anymore :'( 

Aaryanna can now stride along her playpen & cot as well. Can't wait till she learns how to walk.
Many of my friends are tellin' me I'm gna regret saying that but I can't wait to hold her hand and stroll together with her. We're going to have so much fun!


Have finally settled most of her birthday stuff, however, we cancelled her cake order as it was pretty bad when we tried it at another party last month. Anyone has any good bakers to recommend? 

I know it's really last minute but I don't want her to have a lousy birthday cake :(

So if you've any recommendations, please kindly drop me a comment or email me at angeline@strawberrycoatedkisses.com.
Thank you in advance! x
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