Aaryanna's (1st Year) 2nd Haircut

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
By the time you guys are readin' this, I should've left SG fo' a short getaway, but I've schedule posts for the entire time while I'm away to keep you guys occupied so keep checkin' back k! :P


Took Little A out fo' her 1st year haircut with my MIL just a couple of days before her birthday celebration.
This time she was a little fidgety, though.
As usual, I requested for her to have a "Mushroom" haircut. 
Haha, no idea why but I love that haircut on babies so much! 

Here's a video of her during her haircut and she is totally oblivious to whatever is happening to her.
Bebe, why are you so blur??? Lol.


The final outcome.
How do y'all find it?!?
I love love it!!!
Bwahahaha!!! Sorry fo' makin' you look lika mushroom again my baby.


Check out Little A's 6th month haircut here: http://www.strawberrycoatedkisses.com/2014/06/happy-6-months-little-a.html
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