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Thursday, December 11, 2014
Had a short dinner date with my pops last week whilst visiting my newborn niece.

We were talking and I was tellin' him about how some people have be really mean (to me and/or people around me) and I don't see a reason why I should be nice to em'.
You see, I'm that kind of person that if you're nice to me I'd treat you the same way. But if you're not, then I don't see why I should be nice to you at all.
Aren't most of us all like that as well?

Daddy told me "Just because someone isn't nice to you doesn't mean you shouldn't be nice to them. It is all the more that you should be nice to them. Being nice to someone doesn't mean they have to be nice to you in return. Just like when you choose to help someone don't expect anything back."

And it really got me thinkin'.

I won't deny, I have been doubly mean to the people who have let me down, to people who have been mean, to the people who have done not-so-nice things to me. But that, shouldn't be the way.

I need to learn.
How to be more patient,
how to be more kind.

We never know what people might be going through.


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