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Monday, December 22, 2014
As you all know...

I gave birth to Aaryanna, almost a year ago, and until now I've been unable to remove some stubborn fats - Mainly around my thighs & lower tummy.

I won't say I'm fat, but I'm definetely fatter than I was before.

The thing is, I was skinner in the months after I gave birth than I am right now.
(Due to late night supper & non-stop bindging on snacks :'( - Which I really need to stop)

My weight right now, is the highest it has ever been.
FYI, I have never been above 45kg in my entire life (Only when I was pregnant).
So... I had such a rude shock when I saw my weight.

Thankfully, Suddenly Slender is here to save my day!

Was pleasantly surprised when I saw, Marcel, the marketing manager for Suddenly Slender there to welcome me as well! Thank you for being so welcoming, Marcel.
The consultant kindly led me into a room where I was served tea and told to fill up a form with my details.
Was talkin' to the consultant about seeing her before and it was so funny cos we both remembered each other for our hair colours! Haha.

After addressing my concerns to her, I changed up and was guided into a suana room. 

I spent 15 minutes in the suana room and was led into a cosy little room to have my treatment. 
Here you can see some of the products they used for my Ionithermie Body Contouring.
The process was so comfortable I actually fell asleep while talking to the consultants (Wtf)
Don't even know if I drooled or not, hahaha.

The entire treatment took about an hour or so, and I lost 3.6 inches!!!
Was pretty unbelievable so I actually went home and weighed and measured myself and it was true!!!
Really quite shocked as I've always been skeptical about slimming salons - Sorry for doubting you guys, Suddenly Slender! Hehe.


Suddenly Slender is really generous to offer my readers/friends a promotion! :D
All you have to do is quote "AngelineYehHoKangTao" to enjoy your FIRST trial of Asia Ionithermie (IBM Treatment) at $99 (U.P $588)!  


Get to enjoy 20% off if you sign up for their IBM Packages!

Hip, hip, hoooray!

You gta try it to believe it! Winkwink*


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