5 Things Females Do That Guys Just Don't Get

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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This post is based entirely on my own personal opinions. You may or may not agree with what I have to say.


1) Not saying what we want.
Beating around the bush leaves alot of room for conjuncture. Men generally do not read between the lines of what we want. I don't know if they're just ignorant or they really don't know. But either way, if you want something, you gta ask fo' it.
2) When we ask you what you're doing tonight?
We really mean what are WE doing tonight?
Females like their men to be initiatie and make the first move, thus it's normal for us to make subtle hints.
3) When women give the silent treatment/ignore you.
Men usually take it that they should leave us alone when we're giving em' the silent treatment since we're silent, right? But what what we really want is for you to comfort us, not leave us alone.
4) Saying the opposite of what we really mean.
Saying "NO" when we really mean "YES"
Saying "WE'RE FINE" when it really ISN'T.

This is SO annoying. Even fo' me. And honestly, I don't know why we do it.
It's like we're programmed to be wired that way or smthng.
5) Getting mad when men don't get our hints.
Girls generally just like to be spoiled. It's just this childish part of us that comes out especially when we want something really badly.


The thing is, men will always take things at face value and move on. But females, on the other hand will always over-analysize and summarize every single situation. Well, let's face it, both males and females will never be on the same level of frequency and at the end of the day men are not mind-readers, as much as we want them to be (lol).

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