Sunday, January 4, 2015
My angels who made everything possible x


Many people asked me, why choose a bar to celebrate your baby's first birthday at? 

I guess what sets The Bank Bar + Bistro aside from other bar's is that, they have a playroom fo' kids!
The kids loved it and they stayed inside most of the time. Even Aaryanna kept whining everytime we took her out to mingle with the guests. 

It's a perfect place if you have a child and you wanna grab a drink. However, I wouldn't recommend it fo' a child's party. Nonetheless, it's not a bad place. 


Cutomized Decorations & Goodies: Lollipop Project
Cutomized decorations and goodies were very kindly provided by Lollipop Project as she couldn't make it. 
The dessert table was a mess, sadly. Was soooo upset with it. There were a number of a couple of cock ups which I will explain in another post. 
*Disclaimer: The cock up had nothing to do with Lollipop Project

For now, you may like to check out the dessert table that was fully done by Lollipop Project at our December babies birthday celebration here: http://www.strawberrycoatedkisses.com/2014/12/happy-1st-birthday-december-babies-mass.html

Basically, Lollipop Project does customizations, themed events and provides one-stop party services. 
Get to enjoy 10% off if you book your events with them by 31st January 2015
*Event date from March 2015 onwards

Tel: +65 8223 9390


Food & Beverage: The Bank Bar + Bistro
Recieved way too many compliments of the food than I can count!
Initially we thought we ordered more than enough food but we ended up having to order 3 times more.
Everything was gone, up till the very last bit. I didn't even have a chance to eat most of it cos everything was just gone so fast. 


Cupcakes & Macaroons: Goobycakes 


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