Batam | Dec 2014

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Took some time off from work and headed to Batam with my tiny family along with our friends, last month.

Dropped the alcohol we bought on the first day together with my phone and now, my camera is dead. 
Thank God S5 is, apparently, water resistant. So my phone is saved. Oh yeaaaaaa!
All the pictures you see in this post are from the husband's Ip 5S - Apologize fo' the poor quality images :(

Upon reaching Batam, we walked over to the mall opposite the terminal. I think it's called Mega Mall or something. Had our lunch there and grabbed some neccesities before headin' over to the hotel.

We stayed at The BCC Hotel and Residence.
The room is relatively big and cheap for it's price.
Got ourselves comfortable and took a short rest before headin' to the pool for a swim.

Sadly, the water ended up being too cold so she could only play with the water at the side of the pool. Pretty sure she had fun though! 

Had a simple dinner with our friends and headed back to the hotel to rest early. 

Woke up to get prepared fo' the breakfast at the hotel. 
Didn't take much pictures of the food cos I was busy with Little A.
Back to our room to have a rest and prep ourselves fo' a day of shopping!
I was told that there would'nt be much shopping in Batam but they have so many baby clothes?!?! So yeah, you guessed it. Most of the clothes we bought were for Aaryanna. 
Was so tired from shopping that we headed back to the hotel yet again to have a rest before headin' out fo' dinz.
We had cockles, stingray, crab, prawns, etc. AND THEY ONLY COST ABOUT SGD$20. 

Checked into the premium suite once we woke up!
Only Aaryanna had the chance to use the bathtub, haha.
Got Aaryanna and myself prepared and headed over to the mall nearby fo' dinner and some shopping aftermath.
Pretty menu! But it's SO THICK. 
 Headed back to the hotel to rest early.
Ordered room service in the middle of the night!
Woke up early to check out and headed to the shopping mall near the ferry terminal.
We had A&W fo' lunch but it was nth fantastic :(

Shopped around a little - but tbh, there's nothing much to buy in Batam, cept' groceries etc. 
When I told my friends I was going to Batam for 4 days, they all said "WTF?!"
There is really NOTHING to do there. But that was what we wanted to do, nothing.
We just wanted to chill & relax. And we did!
Overall it was a pretty fruitful trip.

G'bye Batam

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