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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Don't we all dread it?

Today, I'll be introducing you to a relatively new period care package brand... 
... Blissy Box!

Blissy Box is an e-commerce platform, providing women monthly subscription boxes on feminine hygiene items, including chocolates, yummy treats and special gifts. The box is delivered according to each woman's period cycle and arrives just in time for *ahem* lady time.

Their one-of-a-kind boxes can be customised to meet customers specific needs in terms of lady items (i.e. pads, tampons, liners). They carry the most popular brands, which can freely be mixed. Their care packages starts at S$17/month and they do also provide a no-frills option (i.e. tampons or pads only, excluding chocolates and gifts) starting at S$9/month. There are no hidden fees and subscriptions can easily be cancelled anytime. 

With Blissy Box
you are just 3 steps away from a blissful period!

STEP 1 - Pick a monthly plan of your choice 
STEP 2 - Wait for it to be shipped to you directly
STEP 3 - Enjoy the lovely treats and relax!

Read more about how it works here:
A little note from the founder herself 
The box that was sent to me was the Lady Light which costs $17/month.
It consisted of 10 pads, a pouch, a couple of goodies and samples.
Ideal for a lady with light-flow or short periods.

If you have lengthier periods, or more prone to heavy-flow, you may opt for Queen Heavy which includes 20 items of your choice @ $20.
Blissy Box


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