Toxic Relationship

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
I wrote this post a couple of days back, it was meant to be private, I wanted to rant. Somehow.
It wasn't/isn't my relationship to interfere with, but both parties were/are people who mean/meant alot to me.
I've removed the names of all parties to protect their privacy.

How was I to react to a situation like this? How would you react?



She was a hopeless romantic, and so was he. Or at least that's what we all thought.

Two peas in a pod, they were. Whenever she was, he was too. And whenever he was, she was too. There was rarely a time I would see them apart. No doubt, they had tiffs every now and then. Which couple doesn't fight anyway?

Fast forward a couple of years later, the secrets and lies started coming.

It wasn't cheating, he said.
To be deleting text messages and online chats, to be meeting another girl behind her back, to be telling girl/s, "I miss you." & "I love you.

One day, she opened the door to that girl laying in his room. I remember vividly, how she cried till she was out of breath. "We didn't do anything", he said. No doubt she was hurting, but without a thought, she forgave him.

The lies and secrets didn't stop then.

Months later, another girl appeared. "She's just a friend", he said.
I was skeptical, but she trusted him. It wasn't my say anyway.

He wanted to go away. For a couple of days, with a couple of guy pals. Just to unwind. And suddenly, a girl popped up in his hotel room. "I didn't know she was coming, my friend's invited her", he said. Again, she was upset but she trusted him.

Pictures were posted. They were intimate, I was sure.
"She just wanted a picture, she even asked me if she could post the photo", he said. She trusted him, she forgave him.

He continously spun lies and stories, to cover his tracks. Little did he know, she knew it all. We knew it all.

She blamed the girl and refused to blame him. But was it solely the girl's fault anyway?
This girl, she was innocent at the start, the girl didn't know. Not until later... 

The girl said she only found out later, but they were still together. She knew. Doesn't that make her at fault too? 

She wanted to leave, he cried and told her to stay. Crocodile tears, I said. He always did that anyway.
More lies were found out and exposed, finally, they broke up mutually. She didn't want to, but she had to.
It wasn't just once or twice. He constantly hurt her, and she forgave him. 

Even after all was said and done, she still loved him. 

And till today, even while he is with that girl he still constantly calls and textes her. 
He claimed he was sorry, claimed he still loved her but he didn't know what he was doing. But was/is he, really? Was/is he resentful at all?

Disclaimer:  Of course, she's no saint. She has her bad side too, but nothing she did could compare to what he did. 



No doubt he is/was my somebody close to me. But is/was he worth it? I'd tell you a downright NO.
It makes me sick in the stomach to know that he could do things like that to hurt her. I remember how he promised me he'd never hurt her. Again and again, he knew that she would forgive him in a heartbeat. He made use of her vulnerability and forgiveness against her. He made use of her weaknesses, because he knew all too well that she'd always forgive him.

Amor vincit omnia, she believed. She was/is too foolish. 

I hope someday she finds someone who loves her more than she loved him.
And for him, well, I hope karma bites him back. Really hard. We all know this isn't the first time he has done something like this and it probably won't be the last.
So, I wish him all the best in every single thing he does and remember to always watch his back and cover his tracks properly. You never know who's watching :)



What's your take on this?

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