Thursday, February 5, 2015
Guys, you will be so glad to know that FINALLY there's an online store that focuses on men's apparel.

(French translated) 
Le = Masculine noun 
Doux = Suave Adjectives 

"The creator behind LEDOUX, is someone who is passionate not just for fashion trends, But in terms of the little slightness details in fashion. 

 Someone who hold great respect for quality fabric (Material), Little visible clear & clean detailings (like; buttons, seams, colour of the thread, folds, colours etc.), & because local guys are so engineered in colours, therefore the creator would love to slip in slowly different bold contrasting colours & introducing new fabrics to the new-age man.

Is what you would be expecting to see here in LEDOUX & also not mentioning the great worthy customer service You would be getting, be it if you are making a purchase or just an enquiry, the creator itself is just passionate & genuine About good service & bringing a smile across each consumer’s face."

The owner was really nice and allowed me to pick out a couple of stuff.
Their sizes run from 39 to 44 for ALL their shoes. They sell many nice and affordable shoes which will prolly cost twice as much especially if you were to get em' from town.

Picked the Fearless Flora Blooms Top and guess how much it costs!?!?
Pardon me but WTF?!?!
The material is pretty thin and stretchy so it's totally wearable for the weather in SG.

Ledoux has just launched their 2015 Cny x Valentine's day special so if you're lookin' fo matching tees with your other half, be sure to check em' out! :)

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