Tuesday, February 24, 2015
"Turn Photos Into Mementos"
Shoot it. Print it. Keep it.

Pixaroll is a small & creative arthouse that transforms pictures into gifts. They started out with printing instagram photos, together with phone photos in 2012 and they've recently just released a new app available on most smartphones, made with users in their mind. No waiting, no fuss, no muss. It is simple, convenient & a joy to use! With their new mobile app and website, you can now have unique photo gifts sent to your door ANYWHERE in the world! - Download Pixaroll's app to get the printing kiosk in your very own palms! :O
Click here to download PixaRoll from the App Store & here to download it from Playstore.

With PixaRoll you can create photos, stickers, 48frames, magnets & even chopblocks! 

Here, I chose to get the stickers in Matte. Had Aaryanna's birthday pictures printed out just fo' keepsakes. I love that they were made into stickers so that I can paste em' anywhere I want and remind myself of her 1st birthday :)
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