The DRx Clinic (1st Consultation)

Monday, February 23, 2015
*This post took abit longer then expected as I wanted the make sure the products DO work before writing about em' *

I'm gonna be talking about an aesthetic clinic that most of you have probably already heard about so I'm pretty sure they need no introduction.
Tong Building
302 Orchard Road
S (238862)


To be honest, I have tried DRx products prior to this and it did not work for me back then. Thus, I thought twice before taking up this offer - And I'm glad I did.

!Disclaimer: The previous time when I used their products it was because of an ex of mine who used their products and I just used his products. I did not consult any doctor. Hehe. Oops.
From what I understood during my appointment with Dr David, to use DRx products you have to first be consulted by their doctors to be prescribed what suits your skintype else it wouldn't work for you, unlike those you can get off the shelves from drugstores. You will also not be able to walk-in and purchase any products as and when you like. 
Was really comfortable and at ease during the consultation cos Dr David was so nice and friendly! I can be abit of a bimbo when it comes to asking questions and I'm so glad he was so patient with me. Addressed my concerns (Yellow-ish skin tone and acne due to my recent experiment - Will share more soon!) to Dr David and he analysed my skin and told me what my problem areas were.

I was then brought into another room to get my before & after photos taken before I'd start on my new skincare regime!

Super excited I couldn't wait to get home to wash my face with the new products!


Day 1: Did the entire routine as taught/told. Put on the comodone and blemish cream and my face turned RED. I had such a rude shock. Thankfully it went away after awhile and now, my face doesn't turn red anymore!

Also tried on the Anti-Blemish Mask and my face feels smoother. NOT even kiddin'.

Am currently at Day 6 and all is well. My skin condition has definitely improved.
Of course it's still too early to say too much but please stay tuned to my posts as I'll be updatin' frequently on my journey with DRx. 
(Censored my eyes here cos I didn't have any make up on. Hehe!)

Can't wait fo' my next appointment where I'll be headin' to DRx Medispa!

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