My Daily Skincare Regime (Derma-Rx)

Monday, March 23, 2015
My skin has improved tremendously ever since I started my journey with DRx. Before I continue, please let me clarify that I am NOT paid to say this. Yes, I am sponsored by DRx but I was never told to write this post. I just wanted to share my daily skincare regime and how much improvement my skin has made.

Here's the before - See how much scars and bumps my skin has?!?! 
My skin was at it's WORST at that point of time. And I am SO GLAD DRx came to the rescue! :')

Here are the products I've been using for the past month of so, completely catered by Dr David fo' me. 
- Blemish-Care Cleanser
- Toner
- Milk Cleanser
- Comedone Formula 
- Blemish Formula
- Acne Spot Lotion

(I've stopped using the Acne Spot Lotion as I no longer have acne spots on my face. Love, love!)

And my ultimate TOP FAVOURITE, DRx Tinted Sunscreen!
Nowadays, I just slap on some sunscreen and loose powder and I'm good to go. 

Am extremely grateful to DRx fo' giving me the kind of complexion I have always wanted. 
PS, it has only been about 2 months! Can't imagine how much btr my skin will get if I continue using it in the long term!


The DRx Clinic


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Aaryanna X Minnie Mouse Series (V1)

Friday, March 20, 2015
Decided to dedicate a series of blogposts to Aaryanna, since I'm always snappin' pictures of her - So why not right? Besides, nowadays I'm so busy with work there is really nothing much fo' me to blog about, and I don't want to bore y'all with adverts after adverts. Here's the first of many, hope y'all enjoy the pictures! 

Glow Like Gold With Bio-Essence 24-K Bio-Gold

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Singapore's leading skincare brand, Bio-Essence, has launched stunning premium products under it's luxurious 24K BioGold skincare range to help achieve that coveted incredible luminance! 

One of the main causes of ageing comes from free radicals and proteolytic activity. With real 24K Gold that works as a charger to help skin renewal, Bio-Essence has uniquely developed an impressive 24K Bio-Gold Water with high anti-oxidant properties to form a strong protective shield over skin to fight free radicals and slow down signs of ageing. It's glowing luster also helps provide skin with a natural sheen for radiance from within.
Defy premature ageing luxuriously with 98% pure gold for youthful, glowing skin

Bio-Essence brings you this omnipotent anti-aging solution with it's 24k Bio-Gold range. Formulated with 98% genuine 24K gold, Bio-essence's 24K Bio-Gold series promises to restire skin's natural glow with various all-in-one benefits. Wow!

Don't want to bore y'all too much so without further ado, I'll be introducing the 24-K Bio Gold range of products.
24-K Bio-Gold Water (RTP: $45.00SGD)
- Refines and tightens pores for finer and smoother skin
- Improves skin's elasticity for firm & supple skin, preventing sagging
- Plumps up skin to defy wrinkles and fine lines, restoring youthfulness
- Regulates moisture & sebum balance, leaving skin moisturized and matte
- Activates skin renewal for energized skin
- Restores luminous radiant complexion 
24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence (RTP: $39.90SGD)
This product is super unique! It is separated into two different parts, where you can use on your lower and upper eyelids. Notice there are different colours of flakes in the picture below? That's because on one side, they have the Bio-Platinum Eye Essence! Say whaaaat?! Got gold already still got Platinum?! 
360 Degree Eye Care With 24K Bio-Gold & Bio-Platinum

Bio-Platinum Essence
-Improves skin's elasticity to help prevent droopy eyes
- Helps to firm skin for a lifted eye contour, leading to bigger, brighter eyes
- Moisturizes and smoothes upper eye area, it also acts as a makeup base to help eye makeup glide on more easily

24K Bio-Gold Essence
- Helps reduce appearance of puffy eye bags and lightens dark circles
- Defies fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet
- Moisturizes and brightens dull eye contours
 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream (RTP: $42.00SGD)
Another one of their products which has two different parts.
This product comprises of both a day and night cream, how convenient!
Bio-Platinum Day Cream
- Contains powerful anti-oxidant to fight free radical
- Contains Nano Bio-Platinum for better penetration to be rapidly absorbed by face and neck
- Contains SPF25/PA+++ to prevent skin damages caused by UV rays
- Non-greasy formula, glides on easily for superior hydrating and moisturizing effects
- Protects and maintains skin radiance in the day

24K Bio-Gold Night Cream
- Easily absorbs into skin to improve skin's elasticity 
- With high anti-oxidant power, 24K Bio-Gold fights free radicals to combat premature ageing
- Helps defy and reduce lines and wrinkles on face and neck
- Stimulates skin renewal to restore younger-looking complexion and promote skin renewal
- Intensively nourishes and moisturizes face and neck to prevent dryness and lines
- Wakes up to a healthy glowing skin


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Zalora | Steve Madden

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
If you know me, you'd know that Steve Madden is one of my favourite shoe brands! Half the amount of shoes I have are from em'. I was elated to know that Steve Madden is now made available on Zalora as well! (YAY!)

Checked em' out and these 2 items caught my eyes:

These sporty lace-up sneakers with zipper down sides and strap around ankle are PERFECT for amping up your street style. 
Lately I've been alot more into comfy sneakers becos on certain days my job requires me to stand alot. It also requires me to run to different places, so comfort comes first! 


I know this isn't a shoe, but I just had to share it.

This bag features a basic design with decorative gold tone metal hardware. Made of synthetic leader and a lined interior, this bag NEEDS to be in my wardrobe. I can picture this being my everyday bag and chucking everything I need to bring out, inside. Nowadays, I love huge bags becos I'm required to bring my camera, tab, and laptop around. Plus, it can match most of my outfits so what's there not to love?! 


Shop Steve Madden women's shoes at Zalora now! :)
Zalora always has lots of discounts so I'm guessing you can now snag your favourite pair of Steve Madden's at just a portion of the price! (I checked, and some of the items on the site are really cheaper then those at the store - So hurry!)

Blissy Box | Period Care Package

Monday, March 16, 2015
Love-hate relationship whenever the Blissy Box arrives. Love becos the box is filled with so much thought - Will go into more details further into the post, and hate cos it reminds me that that time of the month is coming. Boo hoo :(

I'm sure most of you are curious - What EXACTLY do you get in a Blissy Box, you wonder. What makes it different from just going to convenience stores to grab your pads? 

Imagine never having to make a trip all the way to your nearest convenience stores or supermarkets just to stock up on your pads!? Every month, approx a week before your time of the month arrives, you will recieve a box exclusively tailored for your V right to your doorstep. Whether you are a tampon junkie, or a pad girl (or both) you can pick & mix brands and items for your choice! Blissy Box also throws in comforting goodies and surprising gifts in all their boxes as they hope to bring you extra joy! ;)

Here's what I recieved in my Blissy Box this time round:
Don't worry about not having enough pads in your Blissy Box, so far, I haven't been able to use up the pads in my Blissy Boxes fully! (I was sent the Lady Light Box)

Tryout a Blissy Box today @ and you will never have to worry about not having pads in time for your periods ever again! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Happy birthday :)