Thursday, March 19, 2015
*Disclaimer: I do not claim myself to be a professional blogger, but I do earn a part of my income through blogging. 

When I first started out bloggin' back in 2004, I honestly never thought blogging would be where it is today. It used to be about expressing feelings, being a space to rant on or just jotting down our daily lives. Nowadays, it's become SO comercialized and if I must say, the blogosphere is a mess right now.

Most people who create blogs now, start it up with the intention of earning "easy money". I'm not going to deny that by posting a couple of pictures and posts, we get paid 3 to even 4 digit sums for certain campaigns. You might think it is easy, but really, it isn't. I may not be as professional as most bloggers out there, but I do take time out to take & edit photos, re-take em' again if I don't think it is good enough. It is super time consuming, and even frustrating sometimes.

I was very upset when I logged in to facebook today and saw many people posting about bloggers being dishonest just to earn money, and that they can no longer trust any blogger's review. THAT ISN'T TRUE AT ALL, or at least for some of us. No doubt we DO get paid to advertise certain products, but I promise, that even though I get paid, everything from my blog is entirely true and based on my own personal thoughts and opinions. If I don't like something, I WILL NOT in any means act like I do. If I don't believe in something, I will NOT recommend it to anyone.

Like for example, a couple of years back I had a terrible hair sponsor and because they were so bad I cancelled my sponsorship with them and also wrote about it to warn others. (You can find the post here:, nowadays, I'd make sure to try the products/services (or get someone to try it on my behalf) a substaintial amount of times before writing about it. If the products or services don't work for me I'd let my clients know about it and we will work things out from there. So just because you don't see me backlashing at a product nowadays, does not mean things I say are untrue. Certain things may work for certain people, and may not work for others, but really, who is to blame? It may work for me, but it may not work for you, vice versa. No two people are the same.

With all the drama and hate going on right now, I've seen many lashing out on others. Calling em' names and trying to bring people down. What is the use of it, to prove who's real and who's fake? What do you gain from it? (Am NOT talking about the XX vs GC saga)

I am no saint. I'm not gonna act all righteous and start preaching, because I am NOT a very gracious person myself. But I am trying, and I hope everyone out there puts in a little more effort to be kinder. Because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.


PS/ I'd also like to take this chance to apologize for the influx of advertorials & sponsored posts lately, promise to do a proper update really soon! I should really learn to space things out :|
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