My Beauty Diary (Black Mask)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
The No.1 facial & eye mask brand in Singapore has just gotten even BETTER.

My Beauty Diary should be no stranger to most of us. It is sold EVERYWHERE in Singapore. I've even seen it being sold in CHEERS - Does CHEERS usually sell masks? Prior to this, both me and my mum have been using My Beauty Diary masks religiously since it came out a couple of years back.

With it's improved formula, features and packaging, the enhanced mask range now features a uniquely patented ingredient, called Cosphingo. With long-lasting moisturizing property for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like baby's skin! Made of high-quality fine and smooth cotton fibres from Japan, this cotton sheet mask feels extremely gentle on the skin, and its exceptional absorption ability allows the essences from the mask to be thoroughly absorbed by the skin, enhancing its skin care benefits. Free of harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments and fluorescent agents, these masks are safe for use on all skin types including sensitive skin.  

My Beauty Diary has recently launched its NEW Black Mask range featuring three exquisite variants - Black Obsidian Moisturizing, Black Rose Brightening and Black Pearl Total Effect Black Masks. Utilizing mystical black ingredients to help eliminate skin pigmentation, unevenness and loose skin caused by UV rays and environmental impurities, the deluxe Black Mask series helps to restore uneven skin tone, enhance skin elasticity, leaving your skin rejuvenated, deeply moisturized with dewy radiance!

I was sent the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Mask to try out. 
On certain days, my face can get REALLY DRY. Like the cracking kinda dry, how do you even explain that? Y'know the kind of dry that is so dry your skin cracks??? OMFG NOBODY KNOWS THAT KINDA PAIN *Cries* 

If you're like me and you have really dry skin - Try out the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask that promises to nourish, hydrate, moisturize and illuminate your skin! Of course, there are other types of the black masks but this is my personal favourite of the lot. (I bought the rest using my own money to try out, fyi.)
(Yes, I know I didn't clean my eye makeup off properly)

For a limited time period, MyBeautyDiarySG Facebook fans get to try the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask first-hand by redeeming their FREE samples in a ‘Group Redemption Deal’. *Valid only for the first 1,000 fans who participate in this group deal, the deal would only be unlocked once 1,000 entries are received. Each of them will receive a single-piece pack of Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask, worth $3.95 each! So hurry and share with your friends now!

My Beauty Diary Black Masks are retailed at the following authorized retailers: 
My Beauty Diary Black Masks are currently retailing at $16.90 for a 5-piece pack. 
Discover why My Beauty Diary’s upgraded range of facial masks has set the Taiwanese beauty community raving!

My Beauty Diary's Black Mask Series is now also available on
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