Icon 2: Race Queen Party

Friday, May 1, 2015
Ohayo! *Waves*
Will try my best to do short updates about my daily life because my brother was scrolling through my blog and complained that my blog is literally filled with ads :( 

So here goes...

Was invited to be a guest DJ at Icon 2 along with Francesca.
And... If you're looking at the poster and wondering...
NO. I am NOT a race queen. I just happened to be spinning for the event.

Was so glad that we both had each other because SO MANY things screwed up. I STILL can't get over it. Ugh. (How can some people be SO unethical?! I just don't get it...) Thank God everything went smoothly throughout.

Here's a lame video I took while at Icon 2:
Am immensely grateful to those that came down. And also, extremely apologetic to those that came but didn't get the chance to come in :'(

Till then,
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