Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes

Thursday, May 21, 2015
I LOVE lashes and can't do without em'. I can go without eyeliner but no lashes are a no-go for me. Like mascara, lashes instantly brightens up the eye and makes it look WAY bigger. It gives a kind of depth, which I love. Well, at least in my humble opinion. I've tried many lashes, prices ranging from $2 - $25. My top favourite has always been Dolly Wink's eyelash - However, the COST has always been in the way. At $25.90 for only 2 pairs of eyelashes which I change weekly/bi-weekly, I find it really costly. I haven't been able to find anything else cheaper and closer to their lashes... TILL NOW.


Lash strands are 20% finer than your normal falsies!

Forget you are wearing falsies - That is how INCREDIBLY thin and light Miche Bloomin' dream lashes are and promise to make you feel! Sounds like a dream? Except that it isn't!
Handmade from a highly resistant type of polyestre instead of synthetic fibre, these dream lashes are as soft as real lashes. With a thread-like transparent lash bone, eye irritation is no longer and issue. 
Carefully manufacturedto be 20% lighter than the average falsies in the market, they are literally a breeze to put on! So lightweight you can wear them the entire day without realizing. 
Having problems with coarse and thick falsies that look unreal? These dream lashes mimick our lash hair so well with their ultre thin lash strands and tapered lash tip, even the texture is smaller. 
I was given the NO.02 PURE NUDE to try. It isn't the kind which I'd buy - I prefer LOOOOONG and thick lashes. But when I tried it, I fell in love. Literally. Since it isn't too dramatic, it is suitable for everyday use. Whether to go to the office, to meet a client, or for days that I don't want to look like I have too much makeup on. It gives off a really natural look, which I honestly, wasn't exactly used to at first. The pure nude lash length is only a mere 0.4CM-1CM and is long and widely spread. It is approx the same length as my own lashes, so when used it gives my eyelashes a more fuller look. 

Here's a totally unedited picture straight from the Iphone:
I swear by these that they are the closest lashes to Dolly Wink's you will ever find. And they are made really affordable at ONLY $19.90 for 4 pairs?!?! 

Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes
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