5 reasons why you should babywear!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015
"Why do you still wear your baby when she can already walk?"
This is probably one of my most asked questions whenever I am out with Aaryanna.

I'm no expert in this aspect but I have worn Aaryanna since she was born and even after she started walking. 

For starters, well, 

But seriously.

It annoys me to the core whenever people question me about my babywearing choices.


If not, then why do you even bother.

*Rolls eyes*


Ok, back to the point.

Why you SHOULD babywear.
Or why I babywear. 
1) Because it is frikin' convenient. Duh. 
I can shop around in peace without Aaryanna running about and pulling all the clothes off the rack of the store.

2) It is fun & I love that I still can carry her.
There are SO MANY types & choices of carriers and designs nowadays. It's like buying a branded bag but instead it's for you to carry your baby +++ So. Much. Fun. Really.
Besides, if not now then when? I want to carry her while I still can. When she grows older she isn't gonna want me to carry her anymore :( 

3) Breastfeeding!!!
I used to breastfeed Aaryanna while she was in the carrier all the time and no one could tell?! There was once I was out with a friend and I clipped on her carrier hoodie, he almost pulled it out and asked me "why you cover her, so hot!" - He didn't even know I was bf-ing her *Facepalm*


Okay, tbh first few points are the main reasons why I still babywear Aaryanna.
The rest are just a bonus' and what I found out after.


4) Apparently, worn babies have an advantage when it comes to growth and development. 
"Because babywearing brings the baby up to adult level, they are generally interacted with more than if they were down low in a pushchair. Also, because most babies are more content when they are being carried in a comfy sling, they spend more time in the “quiet alert” state – the optimum state for learning. In other words, they are taking it all in. Before anybody jumps down my throat, I am not trying to say that babies in pushchairs don’t grow or develop properly – of course, they do. I just personally believe that carrying them gives them a shot at *optimum* growth and development." 
  Source: x

5) Worn babies tend to cry less.
"Research by Hunziker and Barr (1986) found that babies who were worn regularly cried 43% less, and 54% less during the evening hours. It is speculated that because their needs for physical contact are being met, they have less need to cry than other babies. Obviously there will always be exceptions, but this has certainly been the case in my experience."
  Source: x


There are many other reasons on why you should wear your baby.
If you're interested, I've attached a couple of links below and you can read em' to find out more!
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