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Saturday, July 4, 2015

After I posted this picture on my facebook approx 2 weeks back, I recieved SO MANY comments & PM's asking me where & who did it for me. So here goes...

I was SO EXCITED when I first heard about this (from my brother) because well, who doesn't love rainbows (HE HE)!!! 
I'm aware that there are many other gaming laptops that has rainbow backlight keyboards as well, but just NOT macs.

I immediately asked my brother if he could ask the guy to do it for me.
(He is the guy behind my brother's customized gaming pc)

Was so shocked when I heard the price because it's ONLY $60?!?!?!?!?!?! AND he comes to your place to get it done for you!!! W T F - Ikr. I even had to double check with him if he's sure he can earn from this. Ha ha. 
So yes, $60 for 1 colour and $80 for rainbow (up to 5 colours, like mine).

Since my mac was also gettin' pretty slow and laggy, he gave me a dual drive so that he could install an SSD for me AND replaced my battery for me as well. I swear this is the best thing that has ever happened to my Mac baby. It now takes less then 10 seconds to startup and I can take my MacBook out without even bringing my charger. Totally awesome especially since I'm rushing most of the time and always forgetting my charger. Inexpensive as well, compared to shops in SLS. Tbh, I wouldn't even mind paying more since he comes to your place to do it. I honestly don't know how he earns AT ALL???

I'm not very good with all these technical stuff, but feel free to call Max @ +65 8518 3981 and blast him with all your questions!!!
I really love how fast my mac is and how pretty it is right now especially in the dark!!! 
In case you're wondering, I didn't even need to save or backup anything (though it is of course recommended). I just left everything to him to do.

OH!!! AND BTW!!! He is currently doing this buyback program where you can sell your faulty macbook for cash!!! +++ FREE PICKUP at your doorstep!!! So if you have a faulty or spoilt Macbook you know who to look for *wink wink*


Max @ +65 8518 3981


Do check em' out & like em' on their social media to check out what else they do and for their latest updates k!!!

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