Aaryanna Broke Her Front Tooth :(

Sunday, September 13, 2015
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A week or so ago, Aaryanna fell down...

Imagine my horror when I picked up and realized she was BLEEDING AND BROKE HER FRONT TOOTH.
I carried her and rushed out of the house to the nearest doctor.

We were told there seems to be nothing wrong with her, but to see a dentist about her tooth.

We took her to the dentist and were told that she needed a surgery to remove her tooth.
Initially I made the decision to go ahead with it - Since I thought nothing could go wrong since it's recommended right?
I'm the kind that usually listens to whatever the doctor's say. Since, well, they are more experienced in this field. No?

Her father, however, was adamant about it.


I asked my mummy friends about it and most of them suggested I go for a second opinion.
So I went. This time, at a more specialized hospital.

Again, the doctors advised us that it would be better to get the surgery done.
We were told about the risks involved, if we were to do it or not.

 A day before the surgery, I decided to cancel. Why?

Not only was it because her grandparents and dad was against the idea but  the thought of putting her under anesthetia frightens me.
We felt there wasn't a need to let her go through a surgery, though minor, at such a young age. However, we will have to monitor VERY closely.

Ps/ Aaryanna has been active, as usual. 
Still playing, eating and drinking fine.

What if it was your child?
Do you and your spouse have different opinions of surgery or healthcare for your little one as well? 


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Louisa said...

I will not bring her to the doctor too as she is still at a young age

Anonymous said...

I would

alice said...

you should take the surgery done.

Grace said...

I would listen to the doctors advise as a doctor should know best.