Sunday, September 27, 2015
Everyone has different perspectives of giving the best for their own child.
What I deem right might not be what YOU think is.

So what does giving the best mean?

For me - giving the best means...
Not giving in. 
I always believe "Spare the rod and spoil the child."
Of course, I don't believe in hitting my daughter but I definitely believe I should be stern when needed.

However, I know of people who think otherwise (including my own family members).
They would give in to her at the slightest tantrums she throws or whenever she cries.
Her father would buy her whatever toy she wants whenever he takes her out.

No doubt, there is NO WRONG in giving in to her - But she ALWAYS gets her way and she knows who to whine to whenever she wants something which I strongly feel should not be the case. As much as I don't agree with it, I understand that many feel the need to pamper her. 

Ultimately, I feel that giving the best is not giving in to her.
What about YOU?
What do you think giving the best means?
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