The Knightsbridge Clinic - 3D Face Treatment

Monday, November 30, 2015
It was about time for me to head back to The Knightsbridge Clinic since my last two sessions last year.

This time, I opted for a more natural but sharp look. 
Dr Israr Wong used radiesse fillers for my nose & chin, and dysport to slim my jawline. 
Photo by: Henry Peh

This is exactly a day after I got my radiesse fillers & botox done. It's abit swollen but I actually prefer it that way!
Now it looks way more natural and most of my friends can't seem to put out what I did to my face if I hadn't told em'.

Andddd this was before - Photo is totally unedited so you can see that my nose bridge is pretty low, face is really chubby and chin is just... literally non existent.
Bottom photo was right after my treatment, with absolutely no makeup on so you can really tell the difference!
The Knightsbridge clinic is currently having a couple of promotions as follows:
1 syringe $750 
2 syringes $1300
3 syringes $1800
4 syringes and more $600 / syringe

Quote 'Angeline' to get another extra $50 off radiesse treatments!
Dysport Jaw Reduction 

With purchase of a lifestyle membership ( known as Clique Elan) with Marinate Consultancy
y'all are entitled to :

Radiesse at $550/syringe for 1-9 syringes
Radiesse at $500/syringe for 10 syringes or more

Dysport Jaw Reduction 4 sessions package at $1800 ($450/session)

Dysport x 1 vial purchase at $1350 (contains 200 Botox units, enough for 3 sessions of Jaw Reduction) for use within 9 months of purchase. 

Details of Clique Elan Membership (total worth $1075) :

10% off selected services at affiliated clinics
complimentary $50 voucher
complimentary flu vaccine (worth $25)
complimentary Lumitherm service (worth $250)
complimentary Nouvelle medi-facial (worth $200)
complimentary Pixel Pro laser (worth $600)

Queries for Clique Elan to address to their Facebook page at 

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