My Gym @ Buona Vista

Friday, April 15, 2016
About a year and a half ago, Aaryanna celebrated her birthday with the rest of her December baby friends over at My Gym @ Buona Vista (You can read about it here: and as you can tell, they had a ball of a time and Aaryanna LOVED the place! So this time, when she was invited down to tryout their gym classes, I literally jumped at the chance to bring her there.

Aaryanna is currently in their GYMSTER class (Which is for kids from 19M-3Y).
Quoted from the site, 'We work on fine and gross manipulatives in a structured format, dance, swing, play games, puppetry, take turns on special rides. They learn gymnastics in a constantly changing program with fresh ingredients and new equipment setups.'

Their lessons usually start with circle time. Where all of the kids & their parents would sit in a circle for an introduction, say hello, sing a welcome song and get comfortable before proceeding with the other activities. It's always anticipating to see all the new different activites the teachers have prepared every single lesson as the activites are always different each time.
One of my FAVOURITE things about My Gym @ Buona Vista is that I absolutely adore how passionate all the teachers are. It's not everyday you find teachers who are so patient with kids. Esp when you know your child is one helluva mischievous kid.


My Gym @ Buona Vista
35, Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, 
Singapore 138639 

 Phone: (+65) 6684 9220 

 Operating Hours: Tue - Sun: 9am - 6pm

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