My Gym (Buona Vista)

Friday, August 19, 2016
Aaryanna's term at My Gym (Buona Vista) is finally over - Why do all good things have to come to an end? :(

But then again, we had such a memorable experience with em'.
My only problem is that it is a little out of the way for us and they don't have later classes for her age group.

Scrolling through the pictures alone just makes me smile.
How adorable are the kids?!?! *Squeals*

My Gym has an extraordinary program and facilities devised to help children 4 months thru 10 years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. Our stimulating program elements are time tested, constantly analyzed and determined to be the optimal approach to build skill, confidence and a positive relationship with physical activity.

My Gym keeps interest levels high with our constantly changing equipment and gym configuration. Each week, when our members come for their class, they find a completely different gym setup and participate in a new class program. The children are fascinated as they explore their brand new setting and are truly energized by their new activities. MY GYM students have a unique experience with every visit, and they love it!

My Gym’s having won US Parents’ Choice Awards time and again demonstrates that families recognize the value of our innovative programming structure that has their children going from one exciting ingredient to another.

Here's a look into how their classes usually go:

1. Hello & Greeting Song
2. Warm up - Getting our muscles ready to climb and play
3. Music and movement 
4. Practice skill 
5. Explore time
6. Adventure 
7. Swings - To overcome their fear of heights and good for their swinging motion.
8. Separation time - A chance for the children to exercise their independence (Away from parents) and interact with each other and the teachers.
9. Clean up song - To sing along and clean up the toys they played with during separation time. 
10. Game - Children learn waiting for their turns when teacher called out their names and working on their agility.
11. Puppetry
12. Goodbye song

All in all, I really want to say a huge thank you to My Gym @ Buona Vista for giving Aaryanna this opportunity to join them. *Blow kisses*


My Gym @ Buona Vista
Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive

Phone: 6684 9220



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