Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-On

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Twinkle is a new range of products created by a mum, for mums. The products are formulated with only natural and high quality ingredients. They are also FRESHLY prepared in small batches! So everything is fresh & made with love and care.

Jasmine, the ladyboss of Twinkle, was introducing some of the products from the new product line today but one product particularly caught my eye - The Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-On. (And no, I'm not stressed out or anything but I get headaches pretty often)

Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-On soothes tired nerves & eases a stressed mind. It also works for travel sickness, flu, headaches, stomach pains & even insect bites! By now you should've guessed why it caught my eye, since it's no secret that I love all-in-one products.
Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-On contains 5 high-performance ingredients. Whitewood oil, Lavender, Orange, Grapeseed oil & Camellia Japanica seed oil. 
ALL Twinkle products does not involve animal testing, mineral oils, petrochemicals, toxic preservatives, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, nanoparticles, silicon, artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances, harmful chemicals, animal derivatives or contains parabens. 

Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-On is now a must-have in my handbag whenever I head out in case of emergencies (Eg. Sudden headaches or nausea, in my case).


Twinkle products are available at the following places:
Robinsons - All outlets
Isetan - Katong, Scotts, Westgate & Nex
Metro - Centrepoint

Visit to check out more of their other products!
*FYI: For every online purchase made, SGD1$ will be donated to charity.
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