Monday, October 24, 2016
One day it will all start to catch up with you. 

Every ended relationship, 
every tear shed, 
every broken heart. 

You pick up the pieces, 
you brush them off 
and you put them back together. 

Only each time you need a little more glue. 
Then, just like that, glue's not enough anymore. 

The cracks, the holes, the shattered dreams - they're become a part of you. 

Try as you might, 
you can't fix what's been broken; 
you can't mend what’s been torn. 

You're down trodden, pathetic, unable to go on 
...or so you think. 

Then he walks into your life with a smile, a whisper and a kiss, & you're no longer broken. 
Your world of gray becomes a little brighter, a little more colourful. 
The more time you spend with him, the more complete your once fragile, shattered heart becomes. 

Until one morning, you wake up and just like that, you're in love and the grass is greener and the sky is bluer and the past ...is the past. 
You are no longer consumed with regret, remorse or pain. 

Yet in the back of your mind, in the depths of your heart, one thing lingers ...fear. 
Fear of what you're risking, fear of going back, fear of being broken again ...this time, forever. 

Then he smiles and says those three words you've been longing to hear and nothing else matters.

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