Korea 2017 (Day 2) - Ewha Womens University x Pepperkoko

Thursday, February 16, 2017
In all the photos, I am wearing Pepperkoko's Zipped Woolen Coat which can be purchased here. It's currently on 25% OFF AND if you key in: 'ANGEL10' in the promo code section you get an additional $10OFF with it! 

I was SO IMPRESSED with Pepperkoko's swift delivery I can't. stop. raving. about it. I've already mentioned it on my instagram previously but for those who didn't see it, Pepperkoko actually delivered my coats the next morning right after I ordered em'. Which means their items reached me within less than 24 hours - Pretty damn admirable if I must say. 

Apart from coats, Pepperkoko also has clothes for all other occasions so please check em' out.


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