How Do You Do, Mr Gnu? - Maverick Arts Publishing

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Maverick Arts Publishing is an independent English-language publisher of children's picture books, board books, junior fiction and early readers. They are based in the UK and plan to publish 50 titles in 2017! Their books are available worldwide and have received a huge amount of interest in China over the past couple of years where they export English language copies and sell simplified Chinese rights. They have just come back from exhibiting at the Shanghai Book Fair for the first time where their books have met with great enthusiasm for their high quality writing and innovative, beautiful illustrations with appeal across cultures.

Maverick Arts Publishing was kind enough to send over a couple of storybooks for Aaryanna, one of which we have started reading titled 'How do you do, Mr Gnu?' A fun tale by Billy Coughlan & beautifully illustrated by Maddie Frost.
'How Do You Do, Mr Gnu?' tells the hilarious story of an uncouth Gnu who receives an invitation to tea with the Queen. Will he learn manners in time for the big day? Find out more when you purchase the book itself! ;) 

Mr Gnu will be released to the public in two weeks so hurry preorder now!

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