Jurong Bird Park - DIY Flashcard

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Aary's been bugging us to bring her to the Bird Park for quite some time so we finally decided to take her there since we had the time. I thought that it was SO appropriate for https://www.diyflashcard.com/ to send over this shirt for her just in time for our trip to the bird park! 

https://www.diyflashcard.com/ is a start up company based in Singapore which continously promotes a line of technology related products for kids in a fun and engaging way. Their products range from Augmented Reality Flashcards, books & t-shirts (like the one you see on Aary above). 

Their line of Curiousity Wear 4D T-shirts are where fashion advances to the next level of innovation with Augmented Reality Technology - Creating the possibility of live interaction with various images! Even I, was so stoked and amused to play with em'. 

Basically, the t-shirts look like normal t-shirts, but once you scan the images on the t-shirt under the camera of your smart device (with an app) - VIOLA! You can witness the images come to live on screen (See videos below).
Super fun to play with and Aary loves it. As you can see in the video, she kept wanting to take pictures of her birds. LOL.

Can I also add that their entire clothing line is enhanced with UV PROTECTION, UPF 50+?!?!
Say what?!


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