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Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Sparks, by DBS, is an industry-first mini-series that follows a group of young bankers as they navigate work & personal lives. Inspired by true stories, they challenge the status quo to go above and beyond when solving unusual client challenges.

Since launching in February 2016, Sparks Episodes 1-5 and their trailers have altogether garnered more than 42 million views and over 1.7 million digital engagements across the region.

The latest episode: New Beginnings, launched on March 17, explores how a social enterprise makes use of technology and innovation to bring education to children in low-income communities. Inspired by the true story of Zaya Learning Labs, Episode 6 depicts the challenges Zaya faces as it disrupts the education landscape and closes the educational gap to provide world-class learning to such communities.


In this pilot, Claire Lee, a relationship manager, is introduced to cocky, Oxford- educated Jasper Wu, her new colleague. Sparks fly when they meet. A reluctant Claire is asked to show Jasper around, and then to visit a potential client together.

A potential client, Lindsay, is in a predicament. Claire and Jasper get to know each other a little better, and evaluate Lindsay’s plan with the rest of the team. Will they manage to successfully solve Lindsay’s issue?

The team manages to help Lindsay secure her loan, but an unforeseen development throws them off and tests them further. The young bankers hatch a plan to solve the new issue, but with a big player in the way, will they be able to win over their community?

A new boss and an old acquaintance set Team DBS on a new mission. When an unexpected situation tests their mettle, they must dig deep and find their worth.

An impossible decision threatens to tear the bankers apart. And in their quest for the ultimate solution, they found something more valuable than they ever imagined.

The bankers embark on an incredible journey. Together, they challenge traditions and work to change the future of an entire village. Will they prevail?

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