Estetica - Tripollar RF Therapy

Monday, April 17, 2017
Been awhile since I've gone for a facial so I decided to take some time off to pamper myself.
Oh, before I continue I really want to share this part!!!

So during the SkinTech analysis (which every customer will have to go through), they used this machine that could see ALL my pores. Don't get me wrong, I've seen tons of facial salons using machines that shows you your pores but their really takes the cake. THEIR MACHINE CAN EVEN SEE WHERE THE BACTERIA IS ON YOUR FACE ONE LEH!!! My consultant was showing me the places on my face which I ALMOST could've had acne. My pimple haven't come out can see liao??? Damn amazing or what? I was truly truly amazed by that. No kiddin'
After the SkinTech analysis, she told me the areas I needed to work on and taught me how I should take better care of my skin. She customised a facial specifically to aim my needs & concerns and I did their Tripollar RF Therapy as well. For more info, you can visit
Enjoyed my session there throughly, especially since my therapist was so easy and friendly to talk to as well. 

Estetica is havin' a Mothers' Day Special for their TriPollar RF Therapy at only $68! The usual price for that therapy is $600 lor! Click here: to sign up for their promotional trial now cos you seriously don't want to miss it! $600 to $68 you really don't want to try meh?


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