Ezbuy.sg - Free value-added services for the month of April

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Don't think any introduction is needed for ezbuy.sg. Who doesn't know of em' nowadays?

I used to shun away from Taobao because I have never been able to read the chinese words on the website. ezbuy.sg makes things so much easier because their entire website can be translated into English.

Shopping with ezbuy also eliminates the worries of unknown and unexpected shipping fees. Only ONE payment is required as both your products & shipping costs are reflected at the check-out page when you use the 'ezbuy' shopping function.
Please just check out how cheap the items & shipping fees are? Madness!

With ezbuy.sg you are able to make a better purchasing decision and decide whether you are comfortable with the shipping costs before purchasing anything.

And if you have a language barrier, like me, which makes it hard to ask the seller any questions, fret not! ezbuy provides an extensive range of value-added service to all Taobao shoppers, from saving the hassle in communication with the Chinese vendors, providing a peace of mind with ezbuy’s inspection service to ensure product is correct and non-defective, and aftersales support.

For the month of April, all ezbuy shoppers will enjoy all of these value-added services AT NO COST! Check out with ezbuy.sg Prime Service where you can enjoy unlimited shipping at only $2.99!

New to ezbuy.sg?
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