New Balance 247: Dark Grey

Friday, May 5, 2017
Another comfy pair of kicks added to my sneaker collection! *Throw fist in air*

 These new New Balance Women's 247 range will take you to the street in high luxe style and comes in seven new monochromatic finishes — Sherbet, Black, Mint Cream, Navy, White, Dark Grey and a women’s-only Cosmic Sky. (Info taken from Highsnobiety.comIt is super light & breathable making it comfortable for long hours of wear. 

A couple of people have asked so I thought I'd just share here: The top I'm wearing is from a shop we chanced upon while we wear in Korea. It's from a brand called Abnormal Thing. I feel that nowadays, many amazing streetwear brands go unrecognized just because they are not mainstream. Something which I feel we should be more open to? Oh well, just my two cents. 


These kicks are available at:

Limited Edt.


Seek Official

The Social Foot


Photos & styling by @Gex_k
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